Our Mission

The Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU) is a small team of ecologists and research students in the Science Faculty of Chiang Mai University, N. Thailand, who carry out research to develop efficient  methods to restore tropical forest ecosystems for biodiversity conservation, environmental protection and carbon storage. Our unit also has an education/outreach team, which provides technical training, based on our research, to a wide range of organizations involved in forest restoration.

Our philosophy is that tropical forests can be restored ... but it needs sound ecological research to provide science-based skills and knowledge to those most directly affected by deforestation. FORRU-CMU actively engages with local people to integrate biodiversity conservation into the needs of communities, situated in or nearby tropical forests. We believe that if local people have appropriate and sound technical support and are directly involved in all aspects of forest restoration, from planning, to growing and planting trees, they will develop a sense of “stewardship” of restoration projects and will actively participate in caring for and monitoring restored sites, thus reducing the likelihood of subsequent deforestation.