Meet FORRU Interns and Volunteers

Kanyarat  somchat (Tooktik)
3rd year student from Department of Environmental Science Faculty of Science Khonkaen University. I’m interested in the field of Plant and Forest Ecology. I’m particularly interested in FORRU practices on species selection for forest restoration and seeding technique. I hope to gain new experience with the Forest restoration research unit (FORRU-CMU) to understand the processes in the place that actually provides more and exchange ideas from real practitioners which I will bring this experience to apply to conservation related works in the future.

Natchaya Phuangla (Film)
My name is Natchaya Phuangla. My nickname is Film. I’m 3rd year student in department of environmental science, Khon Kaen university. Early, I'm interested in forest restoration stability. I know about FORRU from the plant ecology class and introduction forest ecology class. I want to intern here so that I have a better understand in forest restoration and to provide this knowledge to people for more understanding about forest restoration.

Nattaleeporn  Torpol (First)
Internship of 3rd year student of the Department of Environmental Sciences. Faculty of science, Khon Kaen University. I’m interested in Plant ecology, Pollinator and Seed disperser. Diversity of plants and animals are related in the ecological. This could be involved in forest restoration process. So I want tostudy and gain experience working with the Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU)to have knowledge skills, various capability and experience working gained. This opportunity will be useful to apply in research projects, future work and to conserve forests and ecosystem.

Fazreen Najla binti Mohd Tahir (Fazz)

I am 3rd year student of Park and Amenity Management department, faculty of architecture, planning and surveying from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Malaysia. I am always interested in forest and love the nature since the very beginning of my degree life. I learn about FORRU at Bird Count, Kuala Tahan and my lecturer Dr. Salleh.  I want to learn and have more understanding about conservation and preservation work of forest from FORRU. I am hoping that I will gain experience and have better understanding about the process and enhance my skills to be applied in my beloved country Malaysia and in my future works.

Rabiatul Hazreen binti Ahmad Juziman (Erin)
3rd  year student of Park and Amenity Management department, faculty of architecture, planning and surveying from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) Shah Alam, Malaysia. I am really interested in plant ecology and diversity. It is the best choice for me to intern at Chiang Mai University in Forest Restoration Research Unit (FORRU-CMU) to gain more knowledge and new experience about forest restoration. With this knowledge, I can apply it to my country to have a better environment and a quality of life.